Learn How to Organize Cables for Storage!

After years and years of collecting wires and cable from tons of electronics do you have a cable box/bin that looks like this now?

Just a crazy mess of cables and wires!

Everybody has a box of cables/wires that you can’t bare looking at because it’s horrendous. When you need a particular cable, and you can never find that cable. Plus if you do see it, you then spend the next 2-5 minutes trying to get it untangled from all of the other random wires. This becomes such a nuisance after a couple of times. So now you want to throw your lasso on the bin and get control of it. So in today’s article we are going to cover how to organize cables for storage!

How to Organize Cables for Storage

There are so many ways to your cables and wires organized neatly so you can actual find what you need. Some of the methods are stuff you can do at home without buying anything extra but some you will need to purchase something to help assist. We will start with a home DIY methods first.

1. Toilet Paper Rolls

The first method is using toilet paper rolls as cable holders/organizer. Every household uses toilet paper so you should be able to salvage the rolls after you go through it. This is a pretty simple but effective way to clean up cables. You could use the same bin or even a shoe box to keep the rolls in place plus you could have more space for those 5+ foot cables like in the photo below. As you can see the rolls are firm in place and you could even rap tape around them so they are even more stable but it would prevent you from being able to remove the roll to get the cable if you need to. Extra tip is to add a layer of tape at the bottom hole of the roll to prevent the cable from sliding out if you pull it out.

Toilet paper rolls to keep your cables tidy.

2. Plastic Compartment Box

Plastic container with DIY compartments.

If you have a ton of cables and don’t mind having a couple of plastic containers, these should work great! You can find these all over the place for varying prices and sizes. This method can be super customized since you are making the dividers with scrap cardboard like from Amazon packages or cereal boxes. Once you make the dividers, you could use a label machine or tape that is written on with what the cable is so when someone pulls it out they know exactly where to put it back. Here is one of the plastic containers I have used to organize my cables on Amazon:

You can use the cables themselves to tie them to stay in place or you could use cable/zip ties. Cable ties are reusable so they are most useful for items you are using constantly like charging cables or HDMI cords.

Plastic Container with Removable Dividers

3. Bins and Cable Ties

Bins and zip ties may be the most straightforward method if you already have storage bins laying around the house and have space. When you have too many wires, you will have trouble getting them all to fit inside of the plastic container especially if they are on the larger side of cables. If you have enough, it will make sense to put them in larger bins with labels of what’s in there. Doing so will allow more space for cables like HDMI, power cables, audio cords, and more. Just make sure you have the area to fit these bins since they are much larger. There is no need to get bins as big as in the photo bellow unless you have that much.

When putting the cables into the containers, you don’t want to just toss them in there or you will end up with the same mess as before. What you want to use are cable ties! Cable ties are the best product in the world for cable management. You can tie all the cables together and when you need another you can remove it because they usually use velcro type closure. If you don’t want to buy too many items and already have zip ties those work just as well as cable ties. But remember zip ties are not reusable since you need to cut to release the cable. If you want to pick up some cable ties, here is a link where you can buy some great cable ties!

50 pcs Cable Ties 6 inches

Hopefully one of these methods sparked something in you to clean up that cable bin and answered your question “How to organize cables for storage”. It may take a bit but well worth it when you need to find that specific cable. Leave a comment below which one you used and if you changed it a bit how so?

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