How to Hide Computer Wires in Home Office

Do you work from home and your workspaces looks like a mess with wires everywhere? Well, we will give you some tips on how to handle this mess with ease. Make sure to pay attention and use some of these solutions in your home office.

How to Hide Computer Wires in Home Office

There are tons of ways to manage and hide your cables so chose whichever one you beleive will work best with you. We are going to cover 5 different things you can use to clean up under and on top of the desk.

1. Cable Management Rack

The cable management rack is a super easy way to keep cables clean. The rack mounts underneath the table which allows you to put cable in there and hidden. You can roll up the extra length on a cable and zip tie it to stay rolled. Then just place it on the rack or hang it on the edge hooks (if it has them). This way you can hide all of the cables and not kick them around under the desk. This works with desk not against a wall but they really sign when the desk is against a wall.

2. Wall Cable Concealer

These things are amazing if you have your cables running along the ceiling or floorboard. It helps hide the cables but it also stays pretty hidden if you have a lighter color wall paint. This also works well when the desk is against a wall because that is how it stays mounted to hide cables. Just make sure to get all the measurements you need if you do plan on ordering this. You don’t want to start cleaning and hiding everything but realize you don’t have enough to finish the job.

3. Cable Management Sleeve with Zipper

If your desk is in the middle of a room or has a revealed back this works great. You can bundle all of your cables together (this is if it fits in 1 sleeve) and put them in the sleeve. Then zip it up and you can then use this to route them all along the leg of the desk. It looks so clean you could even just let the sleeve with the cables hang down and head to where they need to go. One of the cons of this way is unless you unzip it early all of the cables end in one place. That isn’t great if you need the cables going to different places that aren’t near each other.

4. Cable Management Box

A box is a perfect way to hide all of the cables you have under your desk. You are able to just put in the power strip and have all the extra cable inside. The gap on either side is large enough for thick cables or just a ton of different cables. This solution even would work better if you put all of your power supply cables into the sleeve above. This will let you put the end of the sleeve inside of the box where you plug everything in.

5. Charging Dock

If you are trying to hide all of the cables you have on or under your desk this is perfect. It lets you charge anything from one central location. So no need to have 3 – USB bricks plugged into a power strip. Super convenient when you have 2 phones and a tablet or camera you use frequently. Plus it hides all of the extra charging cable length because it doesn’t need that long of a cable!


Honestly, the best way to hide cables is to have less. Make sure while hiding the cables you are removing cables you no longer need anymore. Why have the need to hide cables when you could just put them away in storage.┬áThat way you or anyone else for sure won’t see them! If you want some tips on how to organize cables for storage check out our other article here!

Hopefully one of those 5 solutions help you solve your question “How to hide computer wires in home office.” If you want to check out these items and more have a look at the rest of our articles. We cover tons of topics ranging from desk reviews to random desk accessories that are super cool. Comment down below which solution you are looking foward to implementing?

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