Desk Setup Review #1

Today we are going to review a setup posting on the subreddit BattleStations. It was submitted by the user TTdriver on January 27th 2019.


TTdriver did a great job with his setup. The lighting is on point with the underglow. Plus it is connected to his motherboard so he can control it from his desktop with ease.

One of the best features of this setup if the semi-floating desk. It looks awesome since you won’t see any legs of a desk. Expecially since this table wraps around the corner it would of probably had needed 10 legs to support the whole desk.

He has a super clean three monitor setup which looks excellent. You can tell he put time into getting them cleaned up and hiding as many of the cables as he could.

That’s another thing he did super well… cable management! For being able to see the whole bottom of the desk there are only two visible cables. Both of those cables have to be seen since they are power cables. He must have spent a ton of time making sure that was done perfectly.

I like that he has his console gaming setup behind him. This saves a ton of space for his main setup since consoles do take a good amount of space. Plus it keeps that whole side from looking super empty.


My biggest con with this setup is the brackets under the desk. If this was a true floating desk it would of been perfect! But since you can see the shelving brackets it breaks the visual illusion. They are probably needed though due to the weight of all that hardware.

It being carpet sucks esspecially when you need to turn around to play the console. But TTdriver said he is planning on fixing this with one of those rolling chair mats or wood flooring.

The only other con would have to be that out of place printer on the desk. It doesn’t match the color scheme so it stands out. If it was black it would fit in perfectly.


This is a super clean setup that definitely took a ton of time to complete. You can tell blood sweat and tears went into this setup. Plus I love that under glow effect and how it looks bouncing off the carpet. Anyways I give this desk 8/10 due to some of the cons I stated above. Comment down below what you think it should be rated at!


  • Pros
    • Awesome ascetic lighting
    • Semi-gloating desk
    • Clean triple monitor setup
    • Amazing Cable Management
    • Nice addition of separate console gaming setup
  • Cons
    • Having visible brackets supporting the desk
    • Rolling chair on carpet

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