Creatively Covering a Desk Surface

If you have a brand new desk and want to keep it looking crisp and clean here are some pointers. There are many different ways of covering a desk surface but these are the best ways we know work really well.

1. Glass Top

If you really want to protect the surface of your desk this is one of the strongest ways. With a glass top there is no need to worry about using a coaster or dropping things on top of it. The glass should be strong and thick enough to handle some beatings.

One of the downsides is mice don’t work well if at all on a glass surface. But since you probably are going to already be using a mouse pad this shouldn’t be a problem. Everything else on the desk should work just fine.

Another plus to this is very easy cleaning. All you need to do is move your stuff out of the way and use some window cleaner. Any window cleaner will do or other cleaning product meant for glass.

You can find a place near you that will cut up a custom size piece of glass. Surprisingly it isn’t as expensive as you would think depending on the size of your desk of course. You can pick up a large piece of glass from any large hardware store for around $20. I don’t know exactly how much it would cost to cut a custom size though (if they even charge or offer that service).

2. Full Desk Mouse Pad

Getting a full desk mouse pad is one of the more simpler ways of covering a desk surface. It has its pros and cons like everything else.

Full desk mouse pads can get costly especially if you want to start customizing them. Most that will cover a whole desk will usually have a large design instead of just all one color. So while looking you need to find one that you like design wise.

If you do decide on getting a custom full desk mouse pad be ready to shell out a ton of money. I have seen some go for $1,000+ for a fairly large desk with a custom design. Getting this is for people who have money to spend and want to really bring their setup to the next level.

A plus side to having the mouse pad covering the whole desk is easy cleaning like the glass. Most full desk mouse pads are machine washable so you can just toss it in. But make sure to air dry it since dryers are known to damage certain material and finishes.

Just make sure when you are looking for the mouse pad it must have stitched edges. Stitched edges are what keep mouse pads lasting for a long time. It prevents the edges of them from fraying and pealing off the main material.

3. Vinyl Wrapping

Many people have used vinyl wrap as a way of covering a desk surface. It is very thin so you won’t notice it on the desk as much as a mouse pad or glass top. If you get vinyl wrap that is used on cars it pretty durable wrap.

Since some of the vinyl wraps are meant for cars you know it can handle some beating. It won’t protect the desk itself like the mouse pad or glass but it will prevent scratches and water marks.

You can usually find vinyl wrap in awesome different patterns and colors. This allows you to really get creative with how you want your setup to look. Either go for the clean matte black look, subtle carbon fiber, or shade shifter film. The setup will stand out from others since no desk is sold with those kinds of finishes.

Plus very good quality vinyl wrap is pretty inexpensive for a desk size of 2-3 ft by 5 feet. I have found some matte black vinyl that only cost $25. Sure that can buy you some other stuff to cover the desk but it won’t look as cool.

One of the down sides to this is depending on what wrap you go with it may be tough to clean easily. A regular gloss finish might smudge easier so if you drop something on it you should probably clean it immediately.

4. Whiteboard/Chalkboard

Getting some of those wraps that you can write on like if its a whiteboard or chalkboard is super dope. It such a creative way since you can write on it as you want.

If you have an idea or are just board and want to doodle you can just pick up a whiteboard marker or piece of chalk. Then once you are done snapping a photo and erasing. I definatly plan on doing this to part of my setup in the future.

If you are a streamer this could be a dope option. Have a camera setup or just readjust yours to point down. Then you can doodle what every your chat is talking about or telling you to do. Great way to interact and give some different entertainment to your viewers.

Final Thoughts

Those are 4 ways you can get started on covering a desk surface. Any of them really are great it just depends on what you prefer. My personal favorite is the vinyl wrap since I can get a carbon fiber one. I just love the look of carbon fiber. But if I don’t get the vinyl wrap I will probably go with the whiteboard cover since I usually think of crazy ideas and forgetting them. I can fix that probelm by using the whiteboard cover and jotting them down as I get them.

Hopefully this helps you out and let us know in the comments down below what you would use to cover your desk?

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