Arozzi Area Gaming Desk Review

When looking for a gaming desk there some basic features you really want in the desk. That includes:

  • A huge surface area for your keyboard and mouse.
  • Strong and sturdy to hold up the weight of the monitors and accessories.
  • Cable management for cleaning up the underside so you aren’t kicking cables around.

Those are just some basic features a gaming desk should have. But it should have more since it is designed for gamers in mind. Now that you know some of the basics let get into the review!

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk Review

The Arozzi Arena gaming desk looks like an awesome desk for a gaming setup. Arozzi created the Arena Gaming brand for the large eSports community. The desk has a large surface area and has a curved front for comfort. It comes with a custom mousepad that covers the entire top of the desk. It can hold upto 176 pounds if it is disrbuted evenly on the surface of the desk.


The Arena has a very basic but sleek design for a gaming desk. It doesn’t have any sharp edges or bright designs to distract from the actual setup. The two legs are made from steel and feel stiff. The desk surfaces is made from a 14 square inch Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) that is bolted to a steel frame connected to the steel legs.

The MDF surface being able to hold up to 176 pounds will easily allow you to have all your products on the table. This includes a triple monitor setup along side your consoles and their accessories. Since the desk is 5 feet long you can easily have a triple monitor setup span across the desk and still have space for your keyboard and mouse.


  • Full Surface Mouse Pad – The Arena desk comes with a full desk mouse pad which is awesome since it has the curved front. You would need to find a special large mouse pad to cover the whole top. So including a full cover mouse pad just makes it that much nicer. Plus it is waterproof so no need to worry about spilling drinks on it.
  • Built-in Cable Management – Even though cable management is loved by all it is still a missing feature from many desks. Luckily Arozzi thought of that and included a cable management net underneath the desk. This will help prevent cables from sagging where you could accidentally pull and unplug a cable with your foot. To route the cable there are 3 pre-drilled holes for cable management.
  • Ergonomic Design¬†–¬†The desk a feature that is missing on a good amount of gaming desk which is a curved front. The curved front allows you to pull your chair in closer to allow you to see better. This is great if you are always leaning in to be closer to your monitor. It will help in the long run since you won’t be leaning over and bending your spine.
  • Adjustable Height – Ever want to customize the height of a desk but couldn’t? Well the Arena allows you to customize the height to fit your setup. To adjust the height it just takes some loosening of bolts to move the legs up or down.


  • Total Minimum Dimensions: 63″ in x 32.3″ in x 27.9″ in (WxLxH)
  • Total Maximum Dimensions: 63″ in x 32.3″ in x 31.9″ in (WxLxH)
  • Legs Distance: 48″ in
  • Net Weight: 85.5 LBS
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 176 LBS
  • Color Options: Red, Blue, Green, White, and Black

Our Thoughts

We love the look and features of this desk. But there are some down falls of the desk we found. The desk is sturdy but only against a wall. If you have it off the wall it has a good amount of wobble to it which seems to be its biggest problem. We didn’t have this problem but we read from others that the powder coating causes problems. It gets into the bolt holes and makes it tough for you to screw in the bolt.

In the end we recommend this for anyone who has the money and wants a nice desk. There are other options out their it just depends on your preference. Take a look at some of our other reviews on different desks.

Arozzi Background

Arozzi is a fairly new company only opening its doors in 2013 and are based out of Sweden. They aren’t a well known company but you may have heard of them before for their ergonomic chairs and desks.

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